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*                 We are an independent music promotion & playlist marketing PR agency that connects both major labels & independent artists. we monitor social networks, streaming platforms, chartsplaylists, and radio airplay. As an independent playlist promotion and marketing PR agency, we have the resources to get you heard. With our huge partners, our access to millions of followers across Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal, and a very extensive independent playlist network, we connect the dots for our artists and curators to get the exposure and streaming numbers they need.

*                  You can rely on us throughout every stage of your career.

*                  We offer uniquely transparent service with a one-on-one personal touch. Our team of A&Rs and Account Managers ensures that you are well informed about every step of your campaign. We answer as many questions as you need so that you feel comfortable and secure with our service. Clients receive monthly reports of campaign performances. We deliver all the stats you need in order to make well-informed career decisions.



and manage careers


Socials, Charts, Playlists & Airplay data in a single dashboard

Identify the sources of growth by country and platform

Benchmark artists in one click

Discover new talent


Review performance of 5 million artists

Discover new songs and artists on radio and platform charts

Set up notifications and reports to keeping an eye on a growing talent

Monitor artists from their first spin or playlist addition

Get more insights


Global Radio Airplay Monitoring

Real-time data from over 25,000 charts and millions of playlists

Get into details on specific countries/songs with an in-depth view

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