How to write the latest SEO standard content 2022


What is standard SEO content writing?

Writing standard SEO content is a type of article where the content is most focused on optimization to help satisfy search users, to help push the article to rank in search results.

In the field of SEO, you can see Content is King , in addition, not only content contributes to SEO, if you want to have an article with content on the top of search, you need to know more about analysis, measurement... Learning SEO was born to help people take time to learn.

So today I would like to share the latest SEO standard content writing

Without further ado, I will share how to write standard SEO articles

How to write standard SEO content

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How to write standard SEO content:

1. Use syntax in sentences

– Example article: What is SEO?
==> Then the answer syntax will be in the form: [Seo] + [is:] + [Search Engine Optimization]

Explain how. The syntax here is the same as that of English learners, the Future Simple, the sentence syntax will be: S + will + V (infinitive)
– S (subject): Subject
– Will: auxiliary verb
– V (infinitive) ): verb in the infinitive form

2. Write content that answers the right problem, right with the Search Intent of the keyword/ of the user

– Example user search: Gold price today?
==> Then an answer consisting of: [Price] + [Currency] would be appreciated.

3. Absolutely avoid writing around, rambling, unnecessary

– Example user search: What is the standard weight of 1m60 tall female?
==> Then in the answer: Let's be quick to give the figure is: 47-57 Kg.
- No style: Each female friend has a different height and weight. We need to eat and exercise regularly to keep our weight at the most ideal level. To answer the question of a woman who is 1m60 tall, what is a reasonable weight to maintain? I would like to answer that it is from 47-57kg ==> Too confusing. Both readers and Google Bot have to read for a long time to find the answer. Even so complicated that Google Bot it can't understand.!

4. Limit the use of personal pronouns, substitute pronouns

– Example: I am in a good mood today. I invited Lan and Hoa to drink milk tea together. She seemed very interested.
==> Confusing for readers and Google. Don't know who "she" is?, is it Lan or Hoa?

5. Right – Wrong is obvious, don't be right

– For example: What is the boiling point of water?
==> Please answer 100 degrees Celsius.
– Don't make things complicated like: What is the boiling point of water depends on where you live. If you are in the lowlands, you are in the mountains, the boiling point will also be different ðŸ˜ƒ==> ui dad, what a headache.!

6. Add related keywords, expand the topic

- This is all too familiar. It is no longer the era of synonyms, unaccented words, long keywords, and short keywords. But it must be related to each other according to a certain theme.
– For example: Iphone, Apple, Steve Job, XS Max… are related words.

7. Using Entities in Content

– If in the past in an article, we put Internal Link (Internal Link), Link Out (External link) to related articles/websites. Then now link to the related Entities.
– Entities: can be a person, a business, a product, a country, an animal… is something that Google has knowledge about, influence or popularity on the Internet environment. Usually will be in the Knowledge Map.
– Example: Read the article about Mr. Pham Nhat Vuong. The billionaire himself is an Entity. And almost certainly on the wiki there will be links to other related Entities such as: VinGroup, VinFast, VinHome, VinMart..

8. Use formats to convey article content

– That is, use Table format, ordinal numbers, bold, italic… to emphasize or convey something, something's intention.
Or at least those who do SEO 2020 should pay attention and write the correct spelling, periods, and commas according to the rules.
– Many of you write articles like: “The National Day of Vietnam is on: September 2nd. The whole country is excited to see the parade and performance in Ba Dinh" - That's when I knew that Office Informatics was also extremely important. How does the semicolon rule not follow. A long post with a semicolon that keeps "how" to read is very inhibiting and annoying.

For the time being, 2017-2019, you Seo Content ==> You will optimize Onpage, Onsite, Technical SEO, UX... and so on.
==> By 2020, we will start to have more detailed standards for Writing SEO Standard Content, sentence by sentence, word by word.
– 2020 then things like: Title, description, Alt image, H1, H2… blahala of course must have, must be standard.

And I have just introduced how to write a standard SEO article, if you find the article useful, please rate this article.

Thank you !!!